New Classical Guitar Music

The New Arrangements Series is a growing collection of music that hasn’t yet been arranged for classical guitar. Our goal is to create beautiful arrangements with easy to read detailed scores. Take a look at our various titles!

Fugue in A minor

Fugue originally written for organ by Baroque Portuguese composer, Carlos de Seixas, arranged for classical guitar by Robert Adler. The arrangement was selected as a finalist in the First International Arrangement Competition for Solo Guitar held at the 2014 Great Lakes Guitar Festival. Listen here!



Fragoso CoverPrelúdio IV

Beautiful Prelude written originally for piano by Portuguese composer Antonio Fragoso. Originally from a set of seven preludes, this piece fits guitar amazingly well, and has a nice impressionistic feel. Fragoso died at the very young age of 21, yet he was able to blend the influences of Debussy and Faure with his own unique voice.



Gaultier CoverPrelude and Allemande Grave

Transcribed from the original baroque lute tablature for classical guitar, the prelude is an unmeasured prelude the arrangement maintains the piece’s feel of rhythmic freedom but also maintains Gaultier’s original intentions.The Allemande Grave is arranged in a more traditional style, but the performer is still given the freedom to choose their own ornaments.

*Prelude Note: The long swooping lines in the score that look like phrase markings indicate that the lowest note should be held out below the other notes connected by the line. The piece should not have an ambiguous rhythm, but instead an improvised rhythm with a definite pulse, resulting in a unique performance each time it’s played!

Bach CoverIntroduction from Toccata, BWV 914

Originally composed for keyboard by J.S. Bach, Introduction is part of one of Bach’s multi-movement “toccata suites” for the keyboard. A short but lovely part of the suite, Introduction is arranged to provoke the guitar to create warm yet strong tones, creating just the right mood for this piece.



ArriagaAndantino Pastoral

Written by the great Basque composer, Juan Cristóstomo Arriaga, Andantino Pastoral comes from the overture to his opera, Los Esclavos Felices. Arriaga was once heralded as the Basque Mozart, but an untimely early death put to end what would have been an amazing career in music. The pieces we do have from Arriaga are beautifully inspired, this one is no exception!